What do you teach?

We teach traditional Olympic-style Taekwondo (forms & sparring) plus Hapkido, Yudo and practical self-defense.

What if I’m out of shape?

Training is geared towards each individual. A black belt strives to achieve their own personal “best”. Speak with your instructor about accommodations for limitations. We are here to support you in achieving your goals for physical and personal development.

If I’ve had previous training, do I have to start over?

No, you’ve earned your rank. However, regardless of rank or style all students are required to understand and perform the Oriental Moo-Do School belt requirements before advancing to the next rank.

Are you a competition-minded school?

Our primary emphasis is on personal development and self-defense. We offer a sparring class and encourage students to participate in local tournaments and our annual in-house tournament for self-development. However we are not a “sparring” school.

Who are you affiliated with?

How old does my child have to be to begin martial arts?

Children ages 4-8 may attend the our pre-Taekwondo Little Warriors classes. Youth ages 7-13 may attend our Dragon Warriors classes. Ages 12 and up may attend evening classes.

Will you teach my child discipline?

No. Self-discipline is emphasized in our school.

Will you teach my special needs child?

Yes, we are able to accommodate many special needs. However, we do require the student to be independent throughout the training facility.

Do you have women’s only classes?

Yes, in the form of Women’s Self-Defense Seminars. Our Taekwondo program is run as a supportive, teamwork oriented environment.

Do you provide training or seminars outside of school?

Yes. All instruction can be taken to your location. We’ve done afterschool Taekwondo programs, assembly demonstrations and self-defense seminars. Advanced scheduling required for dates, times and fees.


Can I start whenever I want?

Yes.  Students may begin at anytime during a training session.  Our training is offered in 4 sessions each year, with a promotional test offered at the end of each session. Students may apply for promotional testing if they achieve minimum attendance requirements. Speak to an instructor for more information.

What is your class schedule?

Please refer to our Class Schedule and Calendar for the most up-to-date information.

How many classes do I get a week?

  • Full-time attendance is considered two classes per week; most students make adequate progress toward promotional requirements at this level of attendance. Student may attend additional classes at their level for no extra cost; most advanced students make best progress attending more than twice per week.

Please refer to our Class Schedule and Calendar for the most up-to-date information.

How do I know which class is appropriate?

Our class times are geared to age and belt levels, so not all classes may be appropriate for you. If you need flexibility in scheduling, discuss options with Ms. Zimmerle or Mr. Crowley.

Do you combine children and adults in classes?

Evening classes teach teens alongside parents and other adults. Little Warriors classes are for ages 4-8 and Dragon Warriors classes target 7-13 year olds.

Do you provide specialized training?

Yes we do. Examples include:

  • Women’s Self-Defense Seminars
  • Stop Bullies FAST workshop for youth
  • Demonstration Team
  • Weapons seminars
  • Clinics for Referee Training and Competition Preparation
  • Black Belt Intensive open mats and coaching
  • Private lessons